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Stillwater, Oklahoma
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We specialize in all types of nuicance wildlife removal such as:
Skunks - well known for their black and white appearance and foul smell. Skunks are opportunity eaters eating both plants and small animals and dining on garage or pet food around houses.  We use a plastic trap that prevents the skunk from spooking and spraying when picked up.
Raccoon - with their dark strip of fur across their eyes, raccoons often are considered to be like bandits.  An accurate description as they will eat whatever they have access to.  Nesting in trees, they are also found often in attics.
Squirrels - this animal comes in many different colors and forms.  The most commons in this area is the fox squirrel.  Most squirrels aren't a nuisance until they find a way into an attic.  There they can chew through electrical wires possibly causing fires.
Opossums - these slow lethargic critters are known for playing dead or "playing opossum".  Another opportunistic omnivore, opossums will eat nearly anything and are actually a marsupials keeping their young in a pouch for many weeks.
Canada Goose - in recent years as their population numbers rise Canadian Geese are taking up residence all over the United States.  From golf courses, ponds, and lakes  resident Canadian Geese are causing damage and overeating.
Beaver - damage caused by beavers is pretty self evident.  Beavers cut down trees for both food and building lodges.  They will also dam flowing water for habitat causing flooding which may cause more damage to local wildlife and plant life.